Creating, writing, producing, composing, arranging, mixing, engineering, and performing, ALL of the music on EVERY SONG ( including ALL VOCALS, LEAD AND BACKGROUND ) , Funkerotic has been making music since his high school years , where he use to hold "mini concerts" after school at his house, teaching himself EVERY INSTRUMENT that he plays ( Piano, Bass, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums, and Percussion Instruments ). 


FunkErotic grew up listening to a range of Artists,  Musicians, and Bands, where he eventually formed his own UNIQUE SOUND. In his early childhood years some of Funkerotic's musical inspiration was from artists such as George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Bootsy, Prince, Switch, Debarge, Kiss, amongst a few.......

He once quoted  as saying when asked about his musical sound...

 "Music is trans-generational, like artists before me, they were influenced by artist before them, and you can hear bits and pieces of their influences in their music, Sly of Sly and The Family Stone was influenced by Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix was influenced by Bob Dylan and Little Richard, George Clinton was influenced by James Brown, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, Prince was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, James Brown and Elvis, Boy Boy ( his nickname growing up) grew up listening to George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic, Prince, Roger Troutman and ZAPP, and in between those artists he created his own unique sound which he calls EROTIC FUNK.......later changing his childhood nickname from Boy Boy to FUNKEROTIC ( a name he created to identify his love for FUNK and EROTIC music ), not wanting to be controlled by the Major record labels, FUNKEROTIC instead has created his own Independent Record Label where he writes, produces, records, mixes, masters, manufactures, markets, and distributes his own music, under his own record label called FunkErotic Records.

His debut cd release entitled HOLYCHICKENFUNK PART I The EARTHQUAKE, debuts in JANUARY 2017!!!!!!!!!  The FIRST SINGLE to be released from the debut Cd is titled HEARTBREAKER SOULTAKER LOVEFAKER , followed by PART II and PART III of a Trilogy of cd's, FUNKEROTIC plans on releasing 3 cd's as part of his debut, along with some of over 400 songs he's recorded over the years!!!!! GET READY for a NEW DIRECTION IN SOUND and VIDEO, coming from this artist for years to come!!!!!!!!

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